Normal Support Hours are from 9am to 6pm (CST) Monday through Friday.

After hours support issues that are considered critical can be reported to (214) 367-9999.

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The *New* Exigo Hub

Exigo hub is your support hub for what you need to know… when you need to know it. Simplified training videos combined with corresponding resource documents allows Exigo to train your key personnel “on demand” and on their schedule.

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Online Payments

You can pay your invoices online by visiting

New Client Portal Launched

We have moved the login page to our new location,

This new portal can also be used from most browsers and you are no longer restricted to the use of the Internet Explorer browser. If you use IE, we recommend version 9 or greater for best results.

This new portal can also be accessed from any mobile device (iPad, smartphone, etc).

Remember, you will need to login to your Exigo account and give yourself permission for your User account. Learn more

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